Who I am

Hello! I am Martha Tomé, I was born in Guadalajara, the land of mariachi and tequila. I had the fortune of living in various cities of the Mexican Republic which made my taste for Mexican food open my palate to different regional cuisines.

My husband is Portuguese, we got married in 2012 and since then I have lived in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Although I found the Portuguese food delicious, I did not stop missing the Mexican traditions and flavors.

One of the traditions that I missed the most was the celebration of Dia de Muertos and in 2014 I started making Pan de Muerto. I gave some Mexican people to test and they approved it unanimously. The smiles of gratitude gave me a lot of confidence and thus, in October 2014 I launched the first baked Pan de Muerto and for many Mexicans it was a wonder to celebrate the Day of the Dead enjoying this delicious typical bread of this celebration so loved by Mexicans.

Well, after my triumphant debut with Pan de Muerto, already wrapped up, I followed straight ahead with the Tamales. They also had great acceptance. So I expanded my offer to meat al pastor, Cochinita, Barbacoa, Enchiladas, Chilaquiles, Etc., Each time it was a challenge. Improvising many times, inventing as many times, recreating flavors engraved in my memory made me spin until I found the point of each dish. Always determined to offer Mexican food with quality ingredients, Abarrotes Mexicanos emerged in Portugal.

The following year and in partnership with Diana Madeira we promoted the tradition of setting up the Altares de Muerto, we offered the traditional sugar skulls, confetti, flowers, chocolate and of course the Pan de Muerto. The enthusiasm was incredible! In the section of Mexican Traditions you can appreciate the photo gallery of the beautiful Altars made by Mexicans in Portugal.

This path opened up a wonderful horizon for me, with which I am in love and above all, deeply grateful to be able to show with each dish my Mexico so beautiful and beloved in this beautiful country, Portugal that has welcomed me with so much love. It is a loving dance of give and take. Every time I prepare something, I thank those who have made it possible for me to acquire the quality products necessary to prepare Mexican food that someone is going to taste. And when that person gives me a satisfied smile when tasting my food, a chain of gratitude and love is created unmatched.

I don't just sell food. I offer quality, heritage and tradition.

Muchas gracias por estar aquí ☺