Day of the Dead


      One of the most beloved festivals by Mexicans is the Day of the Dead, a celebration that has been kept alive through the centuries. This day we celebrate with love and joy the lives of those who are no longer on this plane. And as they say out there, we can leave Mexico, but Mexico never leaves us.


     Since 2014, the Mexicans who live in Portugal have followed the tradition that every year and with immense affection we share with our Portuguese families and friends. This has been wonderful since they have been integrated into this celebration and in the same offering we find the Portuguese uncle, the Mexican grandmother ... all sharing the Ofrenda and the joy of reliving episodes and anecdotes of our loved ones.


    This is a small sample of the enthusiasm and affection that Mexicans in Portugal have celebrated the Day of the Dead. I thank everyone for their generosity and sharing such beautiful photos.

  • Valeria Meneses
    Ofrenda de Valeria Meneses
  • Martha Cecilia Bolaños
    Ofrenda de Martha Cecilia Bolaños
  • Sergio Astorga
    Ofrenda de Sergio Astorga
  • Jan PeGo
    Ofrenda de Jan PeGo
  • Elena Puentes, Adriana Núñez y Silvia Ramalho
    Ofrenda de Elena Puentes, Adriana Núñez y Silvia Ramalho
  • Ana Laura Flores
    Ofrenda de Ana Laura Flores
  • Iyari Martínez
    Ofrenda de Iyari Martínez
  • Nelly Garduño
    Ofrenda de Nelly Garduño
  • anónimo
    Ofrenda de anónimo
  • Helder Hernández
    Ofrenda de Helder Hernández
  • Yss Salas
    Ofrenda de Yss Salas
  • Pan de Muerto
    Pan de Muerto
  • Pan de Muerto
    Pan de Muerto